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About Us

Aseem Global Limited being a public listed company at Bombay Stock Exchange and Delhi Stock Exchange, was incorporated in 1983. It is a rapidly growing company in sourcing and distribution of Non-Ferrous and Ferrous metals. We are major importers of LME graded non-ferrous metals and operate in India on distribution basis. With an annual turnover of approximately Rs.2250 million, the company provides high quality services and support to a wide variety of business organizations throughout India and abroad.

Our head office is situated in Sadar Bazar, Delhi, which is the hub of metal trading in Delhi. Our wide network includes various branches across India including Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab etc.

From the time of incorporation, Aseem Global Limited has been known for its reputation for meeting its customers' needs effectively and professionally.

Our Goal

Since its foundation, the goal of Aseem Global Ltd. has been to establish close, long-term relationships with its suppliers and customers.

The basic principle of the company is TRUST, RELATIONS, and MUTUAL BENEFITS.

Our Global Strategy

Over the years, the company has developed good relationships across the globe and has business associates in Europe, USA, Asia Pacific, and Middle East.

Irrespective of which particular industry its customers operates in, Aseem Global Ltd. is able to provide best solutions to individual requirements. For customers looking for more than just metals from their supplier, a strategic alliance with us provides them with all the supplementary services their business needs.

Our teams of experts, in each of our regional office, are considerably less bureaucratic than is found in many formal organizations. We are able to provide them with flexible settlement terms, advantageous supply arrangements, advisory services and other standard services.

As the company is working towards its long-term goal of becoming a fully integrated metals organization, Aseem Global Ltd. is able to add value not just to its customers, but suppliers too. By dealing with an organization that is closely matched to their own, our suppliers are assured of high levels of professionalism. Our constant contribution to business process and innovations helps them to add volume to their business.

Already being one of the major traders in the non-ferrous and ferrous sectors in India, with its extensive involvement in the warehousing, and distribution, Aseem Global Ltd. plans to enter into manufacturing in the near future.